Online Casino Payment Methods NZ (2024)

When you’re playing online casino games, the last thing you want is to fuss with confusing banking options. That’s why casino banking is faster and more convenient than it’s ever been. Stick with us now, and we’ll go over the numerous casino banking options available to New Zealanders. Keep in mind that no matter which banking method you choose, all of the options we’ll discuss are mobile-compatible, take just a few moments to use, and are completely safe. Sign up now and see which banking method is best for your needs. It certainly is a good time to be an online gambling enthusiast who loves to play pokies in New Zealand.

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Commonly Used New Zealand Casino Banking Options

Let’s take a look at the most commonly used casino banking options in New Zealand. All of these banking options have pros and cons, so be sure to consider each option carefully before making a commitment. Also, keep in mind that some of these options only allow for casino deposits or casino withdrawals. Register at any online casino to explore these banking options in more detail yourself.

Casino Banking With Credit Cards, Debit Cards And Prepaid Cards

Credit and debit cards are the most commonly used casino banking method. Cards of this type are accepted at virtually every online casino, making them a reliable option. If you’re unsure about which banking option to use, chances are that debit and credit cards are a safe bet. Prepaid cards are a safer, faster option than traditional banking cards, though do require additional steps to utilise.


A Visa online casino accepts all deposits and withdrawals with a Visa banking card. Visa casino banking is very reliable, though does have the drawback of long processing times. While a Visa casino will process casino deposits fairly fast, withdrawal times can be considerably longer. A Visa withdrawal will sometimes take up to 5 business days to process. It is this lengthy withdrawal time that prompts New Zealanders to explore other casino banking options.


Paysafecard is an online, prepaid voucher accepted in New Zealand. A Paysafecard online casino will accept the prepaid card as a form of payment, providing a fast, safe means of online banking. When making casino deposits, simply enter the 16-digit Paysafecard number. It’s a very convenient, extremely fast system, and doesn’t require you to provide any bank details to the casino. The drawback is that a Paysafe casino will only accept a voucher as a deposit. When you want to make a withdrawal, you’ll have to use a different casino banking method.


Online casino Mastercard payments are very common. Like Visa, Mastercard is accepted almost everywhere. But, as with Visa, a Mastercard casino will process casino deposits much faster than withdrawals. A withdrawal will take up to 5 business days to reflect in your bank account. You will also have to provide personal details to the casino. While most online casinos go to great lengths to ensure safety, some New Zealanders still feel that online transactions with a Mastercard are risky.

Casino Banking With E-Wallets

E-Wallets are a common alternative to traditional bank card transactions online. E-Wallets act as a safe and secure middleman, allowing you to easily store cash, and make online transactions. Many New Zealanders consider E-Wallets to be a faster, safer form of online casino banking. Register with any online casino now to see which E-Wallets are supported.


A Neteller casino accepts transactions from Neteller. Neteller is a widely accepted, widely trusted form of E-Wallet coming with many advantages. Not only does Neteller allow for fast withdrawals and deposits, but the account itself is also completely free. Free, that is, as long as you make use of the account at least every 6 months. Neteller is also very versatile, integrating easily with your traditional bank accounts. Try out the E-Wallet system to enjoy Neteller pokies on your mobile device.


A POLi casino accepts transactions from the POLi E-Wallet system. The biggest, most notable benefit of POLi is that you don’t have to sign up for the service to use it. With a POLi payment casino, you simply make use of the POLi system if and when you need it. The process is a little longer than with other payment methods, but the benefits speak for themselves. The drawback is that POLi isn’t as widely accepted as some other services, meaning that you’ll have to check the casino banking options at an online casino before signing up.


If you’re looking for the benefits of one-touch transactions, look no further than Skrill. Skrill is a widely accepted, extremely versatile online payment option that is fast becoming the global standard. With Skrill, once you’ve done the initial setup, which takes just a few moments, you can make casino deposits and withdrawals with a single press of a button. Look for a Skrill casino if you value convenience above all else and want to try out Skrill pokies for yourself.

Apple Pay

You’ve probably already heard of Apple Pay, though the payment option isn’t very widely accepted in New Zealand yet. Apple Pay is convenient and fast, but there are a few factors to take into consideration. Firstly, while an Apple Pay casino will accept payments via the Apple system, you’ll have to be using an Apple device to make use of the services. This means that your laptop or phone will have to be Apple to transact with Apple Pay. Additionally, some New Zealanders claim that using Apple Pay isn’t as secure as some other options.

Bank Transfers And Cryptocurrency Payments

Lastly, let’s take a look at bank transfers and cryptocurrency payments. Bank transfers are, of course, accepted almost everywhere. Bank transfers, although reliable, are perhaps the most time-consuming of all casino banking options. Cryptocurrencies, although increasingly popular, come with a few drawbacks of their own.


Bitcoin is by far the most widely accepted crypto, with a number of online casinos accepting the currency. Transactions with Bitcoin are relatively straightforward, though not as speedy or convenient as something like Skrill. The biggest drawback of Bitcoin is that the value of the currency fluctuates frequently. This means that what Bitcoin is worth today may not be what it’s worth tomorrow. Sign up at a crypto-friendly online casino now and try it out for yourself.

Casino Banking Factors To Consider

Consider these important factors before you decide on a casino banking option.

Security & Trust

Consider if a banking option is reputable, licensed, and respects your privacy before committing to it.

Withdrawals And Deposits

Both withdrawals and deposits must be speedy and convenient. Some options, like traditional bank cards, provide fast deposits but can take days for withdrawals to process. Investigate minimum processing times before you commit to a payment option.

Fees And Costs

Of course, you must investigate the fees and costs related to using a casino banking option. Some options have dramatically higher fees.


Casino banking options are all about speed, convenience and cost, especially when you’re playing online pokies for real money in New Zealand. The best online banking options are not only speedy, but are also easily integrated into your life. Additionally, fees must be considered, especially when it comes to making regular deposits and withdrawals. Once you sign up to start playing you can make up your own mind.

Casino Payment Methods FAQ

When choosing a casino banking method consider safety and security, convenience, and how widely accepted the banking options are. Remember that convenience is great but doesn’t count for much if the option isn’t accepted at your favourite online casinos.

Yes, you are able to make withdrawals with Apple Pay. The system is simple and you’ll follow the prompts on the casino’s cashier or banking page.

E-Wallets, cryptos and vouchers are much faster than traditional bank cards. Some bank card withdrawals take up to 5 business days to clear, while E-Wallets are often instant.

E-Wallets are faster and more secure, but may not be accepted everywhere. Which banking option you choose is a matter of weighing up preferences and making your own decision.

You do not need to have a credit card to make use of casino banking options. Paysafecard, for example, does not even require that you have a bank account.

If you run into any problems with casino banking you can contact the online casino’s customer support department. Customer support departments are always ready to assist with any issues.

Winnings are generally paid to your account at that online casino. How you choose to withdraw the winnings to your bank account is up to you.

Different casino banking options are available in different regions. Check which transaction options are available in New Zealand; there are a number of reputable services available.

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